Ara Chackerian is a renowned businessman and philanthropist. The California-based investor focuses his investment efforts in the healthcare sector, especially in technology-oriented healthcare startups. Currently, Ara serves as a Managing Partner of ASC Capital Holdings. Through ASC Capital Holdings, he has invested in several healthcare startups.

Throughout his career, Ara Chackerian has founded a number of healthcare technology companies. He is one of the founders of TMS Health Solutions, a company which specializes in the treatment of chronic depression using transcranial magnetic stimulation technology. He also sits in the Board of Management of TMS Health Solutions.

Ara Chackerian has also co-founded BMC Diagnostics, a leading company in the provision of diagnostic imaging services and PipelineRx, a well-known Telepharmacy services provider.

Besides co-founding several companies, the serial investor is also an experienced business executive. He serves as The Chief Executive Officer of BMC Diagnostics. He is the executive chairman of both TMS Health Solutions and PipelineRx. Additionally, he serves as the Executive Vice President of PSS/World Medical, a global distributor of medical products.

As an experienced investor in the healthcare sector, Ara Chackerian is set to take out-patient diagnostic radiology to a new level. Together with his longtime partner, Ara has been involved in the establishment of state-of-the-art out-patient diagnostic radiology centers in California. The duo has come up with transcranial magnetic stimulation technology, which they believe will revolutionize the treatment for depression.

In partnership with Brad Hummel, Ara Chakerian has established a total of seven cutting-edge healthcare facilities in Sacramento and San Francisco Bay Area. The facilities are roughly 3,000 square ft in size and comprise of well equipped TMS treatment rooms.

The healthcare facilities, which were designed by Josh Heitler are meant to give the patients a new experience in service delivery. The design is meant to create a feeling of calm and serenity for patients, which is an important aspect in the treatment of depression. Additionally, the design makes the facilities appear more of leisure facility than a clinic.

Outside of his business ventures, Ara Chackerian is a committed philanthropist. He joins hand with several non-profit organizations on projects involving the development of youth, environmental protection, and education.