Anthony Cioe recently wrote an article for his blog about Richard Blair’s investment advice through his company Wealth Solutions. The article details the top services provided by Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions. Wealth Solutions offers highly experienced asset and wealth advice so the clients’ investments will grow and be protected. The business works as a Registered Investment Advisory firm that is based in Texas.


The approach of Blair’s company is a three-pronged blue-print allows the firm to understand the situation of their clients quickly while also discerning their retirement needs.


The first pillar of Blair’s strategy to help clients reach their investment goals is to create a financial roadmap. This identifies client’s risk tolerance, growth opportunities, goals, and their strengths. Blair believes in understanding the background of a client which makes it easier to create a financial roadmap that will help them successfully grow their investment.


The second pillar of the strategy is to develop a long term roadmap for the needs of the client. By creating a precise investment strategy to the client’s investment goals, Blair is able to help clients maximize the performance of the portfolio. The long term strategy is also geared to reducing the impact of a negative market on the client’s investment.


The third stage of the strategy is to understand the insurance needs of the client after solidifying the achievement of their investment goals. The insurance may include life insurance, annuities and long-term care.


Richard Blair created Wealth Solutions in 1994 to help individuals, families, and small businesses grow and increase their wealth. His family’s teaching background had a huge influence on Blair’s desire to offer investing advice. He wants to teach his clients about an important aspect of life, finance.


Richard Blair has certifications in a variety of financial advisor categories such as being a Certified Annuity Specialist, a Certified Income Strategist, a Certified Tax Specialist, a Retirement Income Certified Professional, a Certified Fund Specialist and a Certified Estate and Trust Specialist.


The firm focuses on helping their clients protect and manage their wealth. Blair and his team use a disciplined planning and reviewing process to create a financial strategy for each client.


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