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Doe Deere: Inspiring Young Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide

The beauty product industry generates billions of dollars in sales every year. The industry has spawned several well-known brands in the market, including Lime Crime which was founded by Doe Deere in 2007….

Tech Expert Robert Deignan Addresses The Fears Of Automation

The co-founder and CEO of Boca Raton’s ATS Digital Services, LLC, says that there are plenty more questions than answers when it comes to things being increasingly automated nowadays. Entire industries are being…

From humble begins to greatness, Louis Chenevert career story

Louise Chenevert has a successful career before his retirement in 2014. Despite many challenges, Louise Chenevert managed to thrive as an entrepreneur and business executive though hard work and commitment to his work….

Doe Deere and How Lime Crime Came About

Being inspired to bring great clothing designs to light, Doe Deere spent many years trying to become a brand that others would want to purchase. Doe was born in Russia and then moved…