To put things simply, Clay Hutson is a sharp man. He has to be a sharp individual to lead the team he does and complete the tasks within his work day. He owns a business and his clientele is within the music Industry. This happens on top of his spiritual need for aesthetic perfection and a working man’s experience that can be described as incomparable if not at least formidable.


His past experience includes positions as a sound engineer and project manager. However, his current position is undoubtedly the most rewarding and challenging of all. Clay Hutson’s range is quite impressive as he has experience with Billy Graham while providing his services on traveling campaigns. However, his true calling is to the music industry and his clientele in this realm includes names such as Guns and Roses, Garbage, Kid Rock and Pink.


Perhaps, the best part about this experience is that it is time tested and acquired through years of dedicated service two others with an organization. On the other hand, the very fact that he holds his position as a changing of the guards, when the people he used to work for could no longer provide service, proves to be a testament to his skills. It certainly allows for a sharper and careful level of insight while he works on a project within a venue.


With a hand on the wheel, Clay Hutson has to stay three steps ahead of the people working for him. This maximizes productivity and keeps his clients happy while they’re doing their jobs to keep the entertainment rolling. It means that his day typically begins at 6:30 a.m. as he prep’s the venue and the workday for everything that’s going to happen possibly for the next 24 hours.


Running the show doesn’t mean just putting on the show. It means opening, facilitating and closing up after every person has gone home. It’s kind of a big deal, and frankly few people know how to do it just the way he does. At this 1point, his creative power is very much in his head. Naturally, it’s his job to make sure that the show goes on. But most importantly, it has to fit through the door. After so many years of working in so many facets of the entertainment industry, he knows what works and simply what does not fly. First, he envisions the show and then he makes it happen. Learn more: