Of the countless organizations that have benefited from the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, we have the JF Kennedy Centre for The Performing Arts. It is one of the many institutions that is being funded by the DeVos Foundation. Recently, they had a fundraiser, and the Center managed to get more funds than they had earlier on expected. The Management team at JF Kennedy Center were utterly impressed and decided to up their target so that they can give a chance to people of good will to keep contributing.


The Kennedy Foundation has so far managed to raise an amount of $135.0 million. The money is directed towards the funding of a construction project. The construction is visualized to be one of a kind. It would have unique features like a pavilion and pedestrian lanes that connect to the JF Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. The construction will also enable the reconstruction of the dining halls, offices, and recreational facilities.


Initially, the construction had been estimated at $125 million. But after it was keenly examined into by construction agencies and standardization agencies the figure doubled. The final designs of the structures looked exquisite. The idea of revamping and expanding the JF Kennedy has been a work in progress since the year 2013.


Besides the contributions given by Dick DeVos to enhance the success of the project, other individuals have also cont4ributed immensely to ensure the project is successful. Dick DeVos contributes through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. Other individuals include David Rubenstein. David funded the JF Kennedy project with a sum of $50 million.


Dick DeVos is popularly known for his prowess in the business industry. He goes on record as one of the leading contributors towards the JF Kennedy project. For a long time now, Dick has financed numerous projects whose main aim is to improve communities and the societies in the United States.


Dick DeVos has made it to the list of the leading humanitarians in the US. In partnership with his wife Betsy DeVos, Dick has committed most of his time and resources to aiding charitable projects among communities around him. His career is marked by a tremendous commitment towards philanthropy. All this in a bid to ensure that the society becomes united and the lives of people improve. The Education Freedom Fund was founded by Dick DeVos. Through this fund, Dick has managed to assist more than 4,000 students from marginalized communities by providing them with some educational opportunities.


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