Being inspired to bring great clothing designs to light, Doe Deere spent many years trying to become a brand that others would want to purchase. Doe was born in Russia and then moved to the United States to live in New York City.


While in the states, Doe Deere started to design her own clothing which would allow for her to dominate the fashion world with her brightly, stylish and colorful clothes. Once she had created a number of different designs, Doe decided it was time to expand further and enter into the cosmetic line.


When Doe was interviewed, she was asked about the things that she loves most. Her reply was short and sweet and straight to the point. The things that she loves most in this world is makeup and fairy tales. When she thought about that fact, Doe decided that it is now time to be a cosmetic line producer as well as a fashion designer.


Starting back in 2008, Doe released the very first of her line. The colorful, intense color that is inspired by her line is more than just color. The line is also a vegan free line that also provides safety for animals as it remains completely cruelty free domains.


When Doe decided to first take on a clothing line, she opted to be connected to an eBay store. By using an eBay store, the costs to run a business are cut and therefore will allow for her to make more profit right off the bat. Before a year had even went by, Doe was already making a good amount of money in sales.


The clothing line portion of Lime Crime was first released in 2004. By the year 2008, Doe had already released a number of different eye shadows along with a variety of blush, primer and even glitter. Following the year 2008, many people had heard of the brand and from there out, we all know what the story is.


Since Doe’s first desire was to be a fashion designer, she attended the Fashion Institute of Technology while in New York City. She had fun while attending school but found that she was much happier coming up with her designs and styles instead of what others wanted her to come up with.


As soon as she stepped out on her own, she decided to start her own business and labeled it as Lime Crime. While coming up with her own brand, Doe found it to be useful to be able to understand how marketing works and how to use that to bring in customers. Learn more:


When the time came, Doe took to creating a blog on the various cosmetic techniques and this is how many consumers found out about her brand and line. She would hold contests for people to enter and she offered a number of giveaways to her customers. With the blog a big success and the number of followers she acquired, she is now running an Instagram account which has over 3 million people following.