It appears that Doe Deere is making her way to the spolight with Lime Crime. She is moving into a market that is one that many may have never assumed would thrive on the Internet.

When it comes to online cosmetics it appears that Doe Deere is making her own moves in a way that is different from what anyone may have ever assumed. Realistically, Doe Deere is someone that has been able to captivate her audience with live videos where she created content for people that were not able to effectively do their own makeup. This is where Doe Deere became a powerful force.

It became easy to see how her brand would evolve even though it did not fit into the traditional brand of cosmetics. Doe Deere is quite groundbreaking when it comes to Lime Crime because most people depend heavily on the ability to go into stores and try on makeup before they make a purchase.

It can be difficult to get anyone to even attempt the purchase of cosmetics when you don’t have the chance to try it on. That is why so many people choose to look at the videos that Doe Deere creates. That is how she had lured her audience. She has continued to post videos to give something of a virtual experience when it comes to makeup that is available.

The Lime Crime brand was big, but it would only be the beginning of what Doe Deere was going to bring to the table. The Poppy Angeloff jewelry company would become another part of the world that Doe Deere was creating for people that were already familiar with the Lime Crime brand. It has shown that Doe Deere, the colorful cosmetics queen, has a different outlet. She is putting her name behind more than cosmetics, and this groomed customers for the type of business leader that she would become.

It appears that she could be the entrepreneur that starts up businesses, builds an audience and partners will other companies as bigger companies buy out the small businesses that she has built up.