The beauty product industry generates billions of dollars in sales every year. The industry has spawned several well-known brands in the market, including Lime Crime which was founded by Doe Deere in 2007. The company creates vegan beauty products, which means that the products did not undergo animal testing, and no animals were hurt during the creation of their products. Doe Deere promoted her products on her social media accounts, and its online presence became advantageous, as people from all over the world started ordering her products. She has been in the business industry for years, and when she was still in her early 20s in the 2000s decade, she started selling DIY clothing online. Her clothing brand bears the name Lime Crime, which she re-used for her beauty products brand.

Doe Deere’s internet popularity contributed to the rise of her company, but it also became an avenue for several controversies involving her. One of the most recent controversies involving the founder of Lime Crime would be her portrayal of Adolf Hitler for a Halloween Party. She later explained that she considers the German leader as a monster, and she always thought that people dress up as monsters during Halloween in America. Despite the controversies that were thrown against her, the publicity that she made during the Halloween season made her company more popular. She also tries to highlight the fact that her products are vegan, and as a result, more people started buying her products and promoting it to their families and friends.

Another reason why her business grew tremendously is because of her tagline that the company was created to empower women. Many of their clients are idolizing her because of her outspoken character and her support for female entrepreneurs who wanted to become successful in the field of business. Doe Deere continues to serve as an inspiration for young girls who wanted to set up their own beauty product companies someday. They are taking pointers from someone like Doe Deere on how to manage their business effectively, and how they can conquer the global market to sell a huge number of products that translates to higher profit.