Technology is advancing in all areas of our lives. Equipment and devices are being used and developed for an extensive array of things. One of the ways technology has helped progress and further our species is through medical and surgical technology. There are certainly physicians and hospitals that resist this sort of change in the way things are done. Others , still, have limited access to, or experience with, these cutting-edge technological developments. Dr. David Samadi, Head Of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at New York’s Lenox Hill Hospital, is not only familiar and experienced with the technology, he has also helped develop new, less invasive detection techniques using robotics.

No stranger to adversity, David Samadi, along with his brother, fled Persia to Belgium following the Iranian Revolution. It was in Europe that he gained his iniyial education and continued to cultivate a passion for effective and compassionate care for those combating cancer. After graduating from Stony Brook School Of Medicine, David rounded out his education with studies and degrees from Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein’s School Of Medicine. It was here that he would gain the experience with medical technology that would reshape and redefine the rest of his career. He is now

Once Dr. Samadi specialized his medical practice to the area of men’s health, he was able to use his expertise and experience to aid in detecting prostate cancer and helping to treat those who have it. It is thanks to his less invasive and exceptionally effective SMART (standing for Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment) surgical method that 90 percent of his patients are now cancer free.

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While he has made aspects of his medical knowledge more widely available through his 5 years of sharing medical advice as the host of “Sunday Housecall”, as well as globally through websites and radio shows, Dr. David Samadi still simply relies on patient referrals and word of mouth for new income. Which is not surprising when you consider that his SMART surgical technique can help men battling prostate cancer avoid the life altering side effects that accompany traditional, standard prostate surgeries. Surviving cancer at the expense of living life with incontinence and impotence is far less likely for those who choose the less invasive approach offered by Dr. Samadi. It is truly no surprise that he is sought out by men in need of competent prostate cancer detection and treatment.