Louise Chenevert has a successful career before his retirement in 2014. Despite many challenges, Louise Chenevert managed to thrive as an entrepreneur and business executive though hard work and commitment to his work.

Since he did not come from an affluent family, Louise Chenevert knew he had to work hard to achieve his dreams and ambitions. He was born in Montreal, Quebec. Louise Chenevert wanted to become an entrepreneur ever since he was a small boy. He went to the HEC Montreal Business School where he studied production management. After graduation, Chenevert was hired at General Motors at St. Therese in Quebec. After working diligently, Louise Chenevert was promoted to be in charge of the General Motors assembly line in the country.

Louise Chenevert worked with the company for 14 years and then decided to change industries. He decided to join the aerospace industry after a colleague convinced him that he was well suited for the production. Chenevert first joined Pratt & Whitney Canada (PWC) and for three years. In 1996, Louise Chenevert moved to Pratt & Whitney (P&W) where he worked from another three years before being made the president of the company.

With his leadership, Louise Chenevert changed a lot using different technologies. The helped build the companies losses to significant financial gains. He worked with the company until 2006when he decided to move to a different company.

He joined United Technologies Corporation (UTC) in 2006. Joining UTC was a big opportunity for Chenevert. He joined the company as a chairman of the corporation. The company offered him a chance to use his aerospace experience and learn new skills. The company creates security systems, escalators and elevators, aircraft engine and HVACs.

While working at UTC, Louise Chenevert advocated the company invest in a GTF engine, which he borrowed from his previous companies. UTC decided to hid his advice and spent $10 billion into the engine. Years later, and the company is enjoying its investments all thanks to Louise Chenevert.

In 2008, Chenevert was promoted to become a director, and within a short time, he was appointed to become the President and CEO of UTC.