Gulf Coast Western is a company that specializes in oil and gas ventures. The company has combined resources in order to acquire, explore and develop oil and gas. The expertise from the workers, talents, and experience from the leaders has played a great role in making the company grow immensely. Gulf Coast Western company specializes in on properties with geophysical and geological advantages and also properties with well-developed structures. Additionally, Gulf checks out the organizations that have a reasonable return potential and a downside risk that can be quantified to the participating partners. Matthew Fleeger is both the chief executive officer and also the president of the company.

The company was founded in the year 1970 as a family-owned enterprise in Dallas. Since its inception, it has managed to open up several outlets around the nation. Some of them include Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Colorado and Oklahoma. The company has expanded through two partnerships one of it being Orbit Gulf Coast exploration. This partner acquired almost all assets and is located in Lafayette. The Louisiana partnership has acquired property rights and also accessed 3D and square miles’ seismic data

What Gulf Coast western company regards as success is the ability to open up relationships that they work hard to always maintain with their trusted partners. They need relationships that are based on trust and respect by operating with integrity and honesty. Generally, the company’s partnership has at least one thousand approved collaborations countrywide and successful businesses have been conducted with them. Many of these partnerships are operating in several gulf coasts western joint ventures that are sponsored. From research, seventy percent of the partnerships have participated in at least one joint venture of gulf coast western company.

Nevertheless, Gulf Coat Western has the pride of being known as the company with principles of ethics and it has business integrity. Through that, it has successfully managed to maintain a high rating as the best business bureau. Gulf has been recognized globally due to constantly giving attractive customer services and solving the problem of consumers.