The Chainsmokers have produced a few songs that have been at the top of the charts for weeks. They have their hits “Roses” “Don’t let me down” “Closer” “Paris,” and they even paired up with coldplay in their number one hit “Something just like this.” But you can’t help to wonder where this phenomenon began? How did they go from typical men living regular lives to a duo group creating hit after hit songs.

Before the Chainsmokers, Alex lived in New York, and he loved DJing. He was afraid to try and make a career out of DJing, but one day he decided that he wanted to make a career out of it. He decided to give it a go, and so his manager told him about Andrew, and after meeting it didn’t take them any time to start working.

Andrew was a college student before he made it big with the chainsmokers. He was the outcast of everyone else, because he had a passion for electronic music. He started producing, creating music, and DJing a little. He produced a few songs, and he put them out on his SoundCloud. He also played in a few shows, and though it wasn’t many, it inspired him to keep going. He finally got the change of a lifetime when a guy told him about the chainsmokers needing a second member. He knew he couldn’t miss his chance to finally make it big, so he headed straight for New York to meet Alex’s manager. They met and began creating music that would soon be a hit.

Now the chainsmokers have won awards and been on the top charts for weeks straight. They plan on writing new music and growing their audience. I didn’t take them long to make their big break.