Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian Investment expert. He enrolled into the Federal University of Parana in 1965. He initially joined to pursue engineering and later developed an increased interest in economic functions forcing him to change his course to economics. Due to his passion for investing, he began his investment career following his graduation in 1970 in an Investment bank. At the time, computers were not widely used, and Igor depended on his math skills to solve complex calculations. Igor was a treasured asset for the company due to his engineering and economics related training. After a few tears working for Multibanco, he was promoted to the position of an Investment banker, and also a member of the board of directors. After two years, he was voted in as the Chief Executive Officer of the company, which was barely six years after his graduation. Following the acquisition of Multibanco by the Bank of America, Igor left the company to join another investment bank.

Igor Cornelsen’s growth trend continued regardless of the disorderly economic situation in the 1980’s and part of the 1990’s. In 1995, he initiated his investment firm. According to Igor, a unique strategy helped him succeed. He invested more in a country that he predicted would do well in the future, and sold stocks in a country where he predicted a decline in the economy. Igor committed himself to read a lot of newspapers from different countries to help him keep abreast of changes in the economic trends. He also studied the economic tendencies of particular companies in those countries. Igor attests that one secret behind his success is the vast research involving political, governmental, financial and universal factors. Igor Cornelsen’s educational and employment background is a verified record to his investment success. This has led to various consultations from individuals and corporations seeking to make profitable investments.