Jacob Gottlieb is the chief executive officer and a founder of the Altium capital which is an investment fund headquartered outside New York City. This fund is focused on investment opportunities which promote the growth of healthcare companies. Gottlieb founded the company to seek enterprises which will provide useful and advanced health and medical attention. He is a valued and respected person in the healthcare sector.

Jacob started investing since he was a teen and while at high school level he won a stock picking competition. Jacob Gottlieb is an alumnus of Brown University with a bachelor’s degree in economics. He is also a graduate of NYU medical school with an M.D in medicine. After graduating from the medical school, he realized he had no interest in medicine and ventured back to business where he performs excellently.

He started working as a buy-side analyst with Sanford C. Bernstein and Co. He was working and studying for a certificate at the same time, and by 2001 he was a certified financial analyst. Later he joined Merlin Biomed Group and worked as a healthcare manager. His work at Merlin was excellent, and this made a name for himself. After some years, Jacob left the company and founded Visium in 2005, also an investment firm.

Visium was Jacob’s first investment, and indeed it performed exemplary until 2016 when it grew into an 8 billion dollar fund. Later Jacob Gottlieb decided to invest in the healthcare field, and therefore he launched Altium Capital. Altium’s first investment was in Roamed Company, the producers of an oral treatment which is an alternative for diabetic patients who take injectables. Altium is a remarkable fund, and it receives support from many world-class scientific experts. It supports many Biomedical and pharmaceutical companies which contribute significantly to the healthcare sector.