Prof. Kamil Idris has been discussing the importance of inventions and intellectual property for many years now. In 2008 he released a statement discussing the merits of intellectual property, including the encouragement that individuals should seek out new opportunities for understanding. According to Prof. Kamil Idris, April 26th is World Intellectual Property Day, a very important event for the World Intellectual Property Organization or WIPO. The article can be found on and throughout the text, Prof. Kamil Idris commends the human spirit when it comes to technological advancement. We are surrounded by inventors, writers, artists, and a plethora of other individuals to contribute to global creativity. Prof. Kamil Idris is simply asking that you take a few minutes on April 26th to appreciate these individuals and the rights that make it possible for them to continue their work.


There are so many things in present society that we know to our intellectual property rights. In Fact is not possible to go through a day without touching some piece of technology, art, or invention that has been protected by an intellectual property right. Now, people are becoming more focused on protecting the environment. Prof. Kamil Idris has also taken a huge interest in sustainability and building options that humans might have to help increase it. He even currently serves as the President of WASD, or the World Association for Sustainable Development. In this position, he is looking for new talent that will push forward the concept of innovation, a talent that is protected under intellectual property rights.


The truest thing that Prof. Kamil Idris will ever say is that creativity is fueled by freedom. When you are creating something, you know that it belongs to you and you have the right to continue to work on it. Prof. Kamil Idris has been a huge proponent of this intellectual process and even in his current role, he is an outspoken supporter of those that feel as though they do not have the rights they deserve. He and many other organizations will continue to collaborate to ensure that those freedoms remain intact. For now, simply enjoy April 26th as a day of intellectual freedom.