Madison Street Capital, LLC, is the best international investments banking company to the financial services industry. It is a privately owned company headquartered in Chicago and has been actively doing business for more than 13 years. The company has proven to be reliable since its establishment through quality performance. The investment banking firm recently released its 4th edition of the M&A hedge fund industry overview that covers all the transaction activities as well as M&A opportunities. Madison Street reported that 42 hedge fund deals were finalized globally in 2015, higher than the 32 transaction deals that were closed in 2014. According to AUM, the 2015 transaction volume was 27% higher than that of 2014.


Despite the average performance in most of the hedge fund schemes in 2015, the assets of the hedge fund industry recorded an all-time high in this year. The hedge fund performance was slow but the institutional investors increased their investments to other alternative asset management sectors with an aim of achieving higher returns to match their existing liabilities. Managers in charge of smaller hedge funds are working round the clock to acquire new capital thereby forced to operate below the moderate portfolio capacity level. The managers are experiencing higher operational costs and pressure on fees at the same time. These factors are forcing hedge fund managers to adopt and apply strategic alternatives.


The hedge fund industry environment is expected to be stronger in 2016. There exist various deal mechanisms that will accommodate buyers and sellers. Transactions are also being arranged in the form of seed or incubator deals, PE stakes, PE bolt-ons, and revenue-share stakes in addition to the traditional M&A. In the near future, the hedge fund industry will experience more consolidation such as opportunistic partnerships that links distributions to product offering. Madison Street l offers several financial services including private equity, business valuation services, venture capital services, corporate tax planning services, mergers and acquisition services, private equity services and so on. This report is available online on


Madison Street is a global investment banking firm focused on integrity, excellence as well as well as leadership and service in offering corporate financial advisory services to both public and private businesses. Madison Street knows the importance of time and it therefore responds quickly to the needs of their clients. The company’s business approach develops corporate finance transactions that benefits both business owners and investors. Madison Street has the knowledge and experience to link their clients to the right financial and capitalization strategies. Ever since its establishment, the financial firm has assisted many clients across different industries to achieve their objectives in a timely manner. Madison Streets operates globally and it has offices in North America, Africa, and Asia. It is the number one provider of financial advisory services and M&A in the world.


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