Clay Hudson, self-proclaimed workaholic and live entertainment production manager takes inspiration from the likes of Vince Lombardi, Thomas Jefferson, and W.C. Fields. Keeping things in perspective both personally and professionally isn’t just a mantra- it’s a way of life for the multi-faceted entrepreneur who’s business revolves around dealing with a multitude of personalities.

Having worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry from Lady Gaga to Kid Rock, Clay has come to realize the extent of his passion for every element of your production- including lighting, sound, set design, and the practicality of every piece of useful equipment relevant to helping artists showcase their brilliant performances. After all, the shared love for art is his motivation…how he brings ideas to life.

Remaining relevant in his field requires leveraging reputation and staying ahead of the latest technology. Word of mouth, the most ubiquitous marketing tool in stage production, can make or break an individual’s career. Your name is your brand and it must be protected at all costs. Hutson has worked diligently to keep his name synonymous with quality, impeccability, organization, and experience. The growth of his business rests heavily on the ability to stay three steps ahead of technological progress as falling behind on the times means operational defeat. Someone is always there ready and willing to take your place. Becoming obsolete isn’t in the entrepreneurs future due to the cutting-edge nature of his aesthetic productivity, meant to continually wow his clientele through spectacle.

Hutson graduated from college with a specialty in theatre design. Finding his way into corporate entertainment as a solutions provider, the jack of all trades gathered proficiencies in project management, sound engineering, and stage management. After the company he worked for at the time collapsed, he began laying the groundwork for his own production management company- a bold move that matched his sense of purpose.