Tim Murawski is the president and chief commercial officer of Augmedics which is one of the leading medical device companies in the world. His company is responsible for providing reality technology to assist surgeons who focus on treating conditions that pertain to spinal cord injuries. Since June of 2019, Tim Murawski has been serving in this high ranking executive role. Before serving as the CCO for Augmedics, Tim began his career as a professional in the purchasing department at a medical robotics company.


This company specializes in distributing chemical products to consumers and businesses. He was involved in overseeing purchases at the company’s R&D facility. Within a few years, he decided that he wanted to work as a sales representative and therefore transferred to that department. When looking to get into sales, Tim Murawski believed that the medical device sector was ideal for him and his career goals. This allowed him to quickly establish a successful career in sales over time. 


With continuing changes and challenges, Tim Murawski believed that working in sales would allow him to fulfill his career potential. During the past 30 years, Murawski has worked as a leading sales representative as well as a manager (Everybodywiki). 


Throughout his career, Tim has been involved in developing policies for companies, managing professionals and overseeing companies in the medical field. During the last three decades, healthcare expert Tim Murawski has been involved in not only managing professionals and companies, but also developing new technologies. One of them is the XVision Spine System. With his expertise, healthcare expert and businessman Tim Murawski has successfully helped medical device companies invent innovative surgical technology to help surgeons more easily complete complex surgical procedures for patients. 

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