Although there are many people living in the world today who aspire to become great leaders and societal role models, there are actually fewer people who remain persistent in manifesting the opportunity to become so and Robert Deignan happened to fall within that category. Growing up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida as a child, Deignan displayed traits of leadership that others around him could only depict as being an innate sense of dedication and discipline. Throughout his childhood up until the end of high school, Robert Deignan continued to remain active within his passion for football which ultimately enabled him to receive a full scholarship to college. Moreover, being the highly motivated individual that Deignan was, he sought to make the most out of the educational privilege he had been awarded.

Robert Deignan chose to complete his educational studies at Purdue University where from 1992-1995, he studied business to graduate with his degree in Business Management. After college, Deignan played in the National Football League from 1997-1998 for the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets. But after playing for a short period of time, Robert Deignan wanted to invest in his educational background in business. Right of the bat, Deignan began endeavoring within the entrepreneurial sector of business. He launched his first business (Fanlink, Inc.), but it only remained active for a few years. Subsequent to that achievement, Deignan was employed by iS3 for nine years (2002-2011) whereby he held the position of being Executive Vice President. However, it wasn’t until Deignan worked for an Anti-Malware Software Company that he received the revelation to develop his most successful entrepreneurial project to date—ATS Digital Services. Established in 2011 in Boca Raton, Florida, ATS Digital Services came to be one of the leading customer tech resolutions companies in the IT market—issuing tech repair via the application of screen-sharing technology.

Indeed, Robert Deignan’s acquired success makes him a firm believer that anyone else can achieve the same if they simply follow the same business tips that he lives his life according to on a daily basis. According to Deignan, all one has to do is make gut business decisions, plan out and study their research, pull in business associates who are valuable to the team, avoid working with friends/family in order to maintain effective business management, and lastly set aside time for oneself everyday to have the chance to refresh and generate new ideas.