With the rapid advancement of technology, the digital world we live is also rapidly changing. The art of product marketing is also changing with it. Steve Lesnard, a top global brand marketing consultant with a very successful career recently published an article on Medium addressing this issue. Steve has had a very prosperous career working with several global brands on their marketing campaigns. He has also helped these brands successfully launch new products into the market. In this article, this global brand marketing expert shared the fundamental principles to market a product in the digital world successfully.

Aim for simple and memorable

Steve Lesnard mentioned in his article that in today’s digital world it’s crucial that marketing campaigns be kept simple and memorable. Simple in the sense that the consumers that interact with the drive can easily discern what product being marketed. According to this global brand marketing consultant, the consumer should be able to get to know what the product is being marketed by the end of the advertisement. The marketing should also be curated in a way that is easy for the consumer to remember it. Steve Lesnard pointed out that this makes sure that whenever the consumer has a chance to buy a product in that line it’s the one, they saw on the campaign that they go for.

Connect the consumers to the product

Connecting the consumers to the product can be done by bringing it to life and making it real. Showcase the product in the marketing campaign to its consumers by showing them they can directly benefit from it. This creates an emotional connection for the consumers to the product according to Steve Lesnard. He pointed out that some of the most successful brands have used this technique to market their products successfully.

This global brand marketing consultant mentioned that consumers tend to value products that they can connect with emotionally. The digital era that we are living now makes the creation of this connection very easy for brands. Steve Lesnard went on to stated that the two principles should be applied concurrently for the best results.