Richard Liu is a renowned internet entrepreneur from China. He is also the founder of a leading e-commerce platform in China. Unlike those who are born with silver spoons on their mouths, Richard Liu was born in a poor family in Jiangsu province of China. He went to the People’s University of China where he graduated in 1996 with a degree in sociology.

After his graduation from University, Richard Liu continued learning about computers and programming with a special interest in the new internet possibilities. He later went to earn his EMBA in the China Europe Business School.

Richard Liu has amassed extensive experience in the technology world and gained enormous success in different fields. One of his most remarkable works is the transformation of a national electronic store in China to an online platform known as The website is currently one of the top-performing e-commerce platforms in the world. has continued to increase in value with its stock price gaining an upward trajectory every year. As of 2018, Richard Liu was estimated to be worth US $12.7 billion. This is highly attributed to the success of his online store,

Richard Liu has always been passionate about entrepreneurship. He started his first business called Jungdong where he sold magneto-optical products like CD ROMs in China’s capital city from 1998. His business rapidly grew and by the year 2003, he had 12 storefronts in Beijing.

Since it was founded, has transformed and become a leading global brand in technology and AI distribution via robots, autonomous technology and drones. In other words, Richard Liu and his company hold a big chunk of the AI technology and infrastructure in the world. started trading on Nasdaq in 2014 and by the start of 2018, the company had over 200 million active customers.

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