When Fortress Investment Group was founded, the company operated a fund known as the Fortress Macro Fund. This focuses on buying stocks that are valued significantly lower than its competitors. Fortress Macro Fund has returned more than five times the average value of the S&P 500. It has also outperformed the MSCI World by 15% and the MSCI World Index by more than 10%. The Fortress team has always had a knack for risk and a knack for creating a secret formula that has brought many of their clients to the Promised Land, i.e., million dollar profits.

The secret formula that the Fortress Investment Group team developed was based on a set of steps and activities that focuses on alternative investments, primarily real estate and distressed debt. While the New York based firm is known for its real estate and distressed debt investments, they also offer an online brokerage service which has many financial tools. The firm offers a brokerage platform through OneSource, as well as access to the firm’s database which has over 6.3 million individual client accounts.

In 2016, Fortress Investment Group acquired Cairn Investment Management and Fairholme Capital Management, expanding their assets under management from $21 billion to over $60 billion. By applying the strategies that have worked for Fortress Investment Group, investors can find that building an investment portfolio is simple. Fortress is a dominant player in the distressed-asset space, which means that the company is in the right place at the right time.

Fortress Investment Group (New York) knows how to get the best price for the business, and even if that means a slightly lower investment than an opportunistic buyer would make. They will still get a better deal by selling the business to a less savvy owner. Fortress has a dedicated management team. The investments included equities, fixed income, and other asset classes. FSIC became a publicly traded company in 2011. The company invests in high-quality corporate debt with no high-risk associated with it and also offers direct equity in companies. The strategy has helped the company become a multibillion-dollar firm. Refer to this page for additional information

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