Citizen App is one of the most effective security apps. The app seeks to keep people and their close family members situationally aware and safe. It has been established that the app has been around for a while now. This is because it was initially launched in New York in 2016 as vigilante.

However, its existence was short-lived after Apple sought to pull it down from its stores after 48 hours. The company cited that the app promoted user vigilantism. Later in 2017, Citizen App was rebranded Vigilante and launched again. The majority of people have been having a myriad of questions regarding the app.

For one to comprehensively understand the benefits of the Citizen App, we must explore some of its features. When one opens the app, they are asked to allow Citizen App access to their location. This is a feature that enables the app to send real-time alerts paying respect to your geographical location. For the app to send videos and alerts to family and friends, it seeks permission to access one’s contacts. Additionally, when one opens the app, they also see a brief introduction to the SafeTrace feature. This is a system that is used to contact trace Covid-19 patients

For one to see real-time alerts on the Citizen App, they are required to tap on the lightning bolt sign and then hit on the word Global at top of the screen that opens up a drop-down that allows one to select the area or city they would wish to see videos and updates. If one clicks on any update for more information and there is an uploaded video, it will start to auto-play.

If there is no video, the app takes one directly to a map that shows the location of the incident. Experts have depicted that the great advantage of the app is that treats all its users equally. Click here to learn more.


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