Ryan Bishti is the director of a very successful London restaurant, the Cirq le Soir. In fact, Ryan Bishti has spearheaded the development of several restaurants, in a business that is notoriously competitive. His secret, which he openly shares with entrepreneurs of all kinds of businesses, is to have a unique concept for the business.

Ryan Bishti distinguishes a business’s goals from the basic concept that drives the business. He essentially believes in today’s copycat environment of business, that customers can tell when a concept is being copied and one that is original. Ryan Bishti says that coming up with a unique, original concept is not easy, and in fact, he admits that most entrepreneurs do not come up with a concept easily, and often have to go back to the drawing board several times.

But Ryan is of the firm belief that a unique concept that breaks the traditional mold is what separates the wheat from the chaff. By coming up with a business model that is unique, a business gets that extra push that not only attracts business but obtains repeat business.

Of course, there is a fine line between being unique and out and out weird. An entrepreneur, for example, is unlikely to attract business in a restaurant if they were required to prepare their own, including catching the seafood and butchering the steaks. Ryan Bishti says that people love the feeling of being catered to, and that’s the reason his restaurants are so successful. Cultivate a feeling of being catered to, even if you are selling widgets, and you open up the keys to success.

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