Steph Korey, founder of Carry On Living, is a prime example of the American Dream. She started off by selling handbags on eBay and then moved into e-commerce with Shopify. Armed with her marketing degree from NYU, she has managed to grow her company into an international success story. This article will take you through Steph’s journey and provide some tips for marketing your own business online.

Steph Korey’s story is one of hard work and determination. After getting her marketing degree from Columbia, she started off by selling handbags on eBay. She then moved onto e-commerce with Shopify, and her business took off from there. Today, her company Carry On Living is an international success story, with customers in over 50 countries worldwide. Steph has grown her company with one thing in mind – providing high-quality products, fast shipping, and excellent customer service.

Steph Korey used to run eyewear before she transformed into her current company. She has always wanted to be an entrepreneur, ever since she was a kid. She has several products, including the Away suitcase that has a charging system that is really on the go and a Suitcase that has a built-in scale to let you know how heavy your luggage is without having to open it up.

What Steph does extremely well is marketing her products. She knows her target market, and she uses social media and other online channels to reach out to them. “I’ve had the entrepreneurial bug since I was young,” says Steph, “Running my own business is something I’ve always dreamed about.” Her company has now branched out into other avenues, including retail and also a new line called Lively that is aimed at children. Steph Korey says that it’s important to be tech-savvy when you’re running an online business.

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