Tieks are the most comfortable flats I have ever worn, from a soft leather upper and non- elasticized heels to their soft sole, eye-catching; they fit and feel comfortable on my feet from the first step. They come in different colors, i.e., matte black, pacific green, midnight blue, and Tyrian purple.

Tieks are ballet flats manufactured from superior soft Italian leather; a simple ballet flat can be worth the price; a pair costs $175, which is significant. I purchased my first pair in April 2016. I was anxious, I decided to take the chance and buy a pair, and they were worth my money; even with the high investment, my pair is possibly the most economical wardrobe piece; actually, I have bought more pairs.

Tieks shoes also come with different designs and styles

  • Classics

They are rigid colored and made with quality leather, the best design to purchase

  • Prints

Produced with quality leather in various fun patterns like metallic, leopard print, and plaid

  • Patents

Majorly hard colored and made in patent leather.

  • Vegan

Entirely produced without animal products.

While buying Tieks, it is vital to consider the fitting size since they no need to keep on changing. It is suitable to weigh up the more giant feet, whether it feels comfortable or constricted; if you think your larger feet are squeezed, go for a bigger size to enjoy its pleasant sizing, and if your feet feel spacious, go for a smaller one.

Different sizing and styles

  • Matte Black: they are made with quality uncolored leather; they fit comfortably right away.
  • Colored classic: they come in different colors, making them unlikely to stretch in the first weeks and months after purchase. So, you can give them some time.
  • Patent leather:

They stretch more.

You have to get the proper sizing for them to feel comfortable.

They also need more breaking in for your feet to adapt.

  • Print: they depend; some are made from the same leather substance as colored classic and patent. Hence stretch less.
  • Vegan: manufactured with woven fabric substance, fit and stretch differently.

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