Recent trends show that most business owners are not willing to challenge the status quo. Such individuals only want to maintain the status of the market as they do not want to be seen as the individuals responsible for what has been happening in a business environment. This has been a huge issue of concern that has interfered with how some sectors have been working and how business owners have been trying to come up with some essential strategies to change their industrial operations.

However, Liu Qiangdong is a different business owner who is not willing to stick with what other business owners are currently doing in the market. He is already willing to bring some major changes to the industry to show that the business environment is already changing and that business owners are incorporating some useful aspects that can help in changing how the business has been operating.

Currently, there is a feeling that the dominant organizations are only willing to operate in some of the major cities within the country. There is no huge business that is willing to move into some of the smaller cities within the country as there is a perception that the smaller cities do not have sufficient customers to maintain a huge business. However, Richard Liu has not bought into this idea, which means that he is planning to expand into such areas of the market.

Richard Liu believes that every area of the market has sufficient customers who can serve the company and enable it to achieve consistent results, just like any other organization out there in the business. This is not the first time will be operating in some of the smaller zones of the industry. The company has always focused on ensuring that it has some huge influence in all the appropriate areas of the industry.

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